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Summer’s Here! Celebrating the Solstice


Today, June 21st, is the summer solstice! What is the solstice and why is it a big deal? We’ll cover that and more on today’s blog.


What is the solstice? 

The solstice is the first official day of summer. During the solstice, the Earth’s axis is tilted closest to the sun. The position of the Earth’s axis makes the summer solstice the longest day of the year.  


When is the summer solstice? 

If you’re reading this blog post as soon as it went live, the solstice hasn’t happened yet. This year’s solstice will begin today at 10:57am!  


How can I celebrate the solstice?  

There are a variety of ways to celebrate the solstice, depending on what’s meaningful to you such as: 

  • Watching a sunrise/sunset. 
  • Attending a solstice event like this solstice meditation hike. 
  • Taking a pause and practicing mindfulness. 
  • Doing something that screams summer to you, like going out for ice cream, going swimming, or visiting the Ann Arbor Summer Festival. 
  • Get together with friends and/or family for a barbeque or bonfire. 
  • Focus on gratitude: We’re halfway through the year. What are you grateful for? What are you grateful for as summer approaches? 
  • Each year the Alzheimer’s Association uses the solstice as their largest fundraising day. Learn more about The Longest Day.


Happy Summer Solstice! 

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