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Special Blog Post: Ahead of the Curve is now Senior Resource Connect 


We’ve Changed Our Name to Better Serve Our Community!

We are excited to announce that Ahead of the Curve is rebranding as it enters the second stage of the project! Ahead of the Curve is now Senior Resource Connect. The updated name more accurately reflects the services offered and is easier for community members to remember. Naturally you may have some questions, which we attempted to answer below: 

Why did we change the name? 

After being in the community for two years, it became clear that the current name (Ahead of the Curve) was vague and did not communicate at a glance the services offered by the project. Some community members found the name confusing.  

Who helped us choose the new name? 

Two virtual community focus groups were held in December 2021 to receive input on a new name. A poll also went out to Senior Services staff. The name Senior Resource Connect was chosen as it communicates how the project connects seniors with resources.  

What has changed about the project? 

Our look and name has changed, but our programs still have the same focus. We will continue to provide assistance to vulnerable community members by printing the annual resource directory, listing resources on the online senior directory, hosting a self-assessment quiz, and training community members to reach out to their vulnerable neighbors with our Good Neighbor Training. All of this can be found online at our new website address at   

Have any questions?

Contact us at [email protected] 

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