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Do You Need a Flu Shot this Year?


Last year we had an unusually mild flu seasonlikely due to mask wearing, staying home due to COVID-19, social distancing, and limits on travel. This year the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recommending that everyone over the age of 6 months get a flu shot, especially those who at high risk of complications from the flu including adults over age 65adults with chronic illnesses, and those living in a group residential setting. If you’re unsure whether you need to get a flu shot, contact your doctor.  

Now is the ideal time to schedule your flu shot. Your body can take up to two weeks to fully develop the antibodies to protect against the flu. Good news: you can get your flu shot and your COVID booster at the same time! You can also visit the Washtenaw County Health Department’s website to track current flu activity

Where to find a flu shot clinic 

Pharmacies offering the flu shot 

The following pharmacies offer the flu shot. The flu shot is covered by most insurances, but the prices for those who are uninsured are included below as well and reflects 2020 data from GoodRx. Contact your insurance with any coverage questions you may have.  Due to demand, it’s recommended to make an appointment ahead of time.  

  • Costco ($20 Costco members/$25 community members) 
  • CVS ($40 regular dose/$67 senior dose) (Offers coupon for $5 off future in-store $25 purchase
  • Hometown Pharmacy ($41 regular dose/$82 senior dose) 
  • Kroger ($40 regular dose/$56 senior dose) 
  • Packard Health (Also offer drive-thru appointments)  
  • Rite Aid ($40 regular dose/$45 senior dose) (Offers coupon for $5 off future in-store $25 purchase
  • St. Joseph Mercy  
  • Sam’s Club 
  • Target ($40 regular dose/$67 senior dose) (Offers coupon for $5 off future in-store $25 purchase) *uses CVS pharmacy 
  • Walgreens ($40 regular/$70 senior dose) (Offers coupon for $5 off future in-store $25 purchase
  • Walmart ($35 regular/$70 senior dose) 

Stay safe this flu season! 

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