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Are You in Need of a Notary?


What is a Notary Public? 

A notary public is a person cleared by the state government, usually the Secretary of State, to witness the signing of official documents as a way to avoid fraud. Notaries also make sure that those signing understand what they’re signing and are doing so of their own free will.  

What types of forms may need a notary? 

  • Legal documents 
  • Financial documents 
  • Real estate documents 
  • Affidavits  

What do I need to bring with me to see a notary? 

  • Your ID 
  • The IDs of anyone accompanying you 
  • Original copy of the document you need notarized 
  • Payment (if applicable) 

Where to find a notary near you

  • Chelsea Senior Center– Call ahead at (734) 475-9242 for an appointment. No cost for services, but donations are appreciated.  
  • Dexter Senior Center– Offers notary services on Wednesday mornings or by appointment. No cost for members.  
  • Eastern Michigan Mobile Notary– 24/7 notary service. Charges $10 for services, plus travel fees.  
  • Northfield Township Area Library– Call ahead at (734) 449-0066. No cost for services.  
  • Ypsi Township– Notary Services are available in the Supervisor’s Office, Clerk’s Office, Treasurer’s Office and Community Center. No cost for residents; $10 fee for non-residents.  
  • Call your bank or credit union to see if they offer notary services.

Be sure to visit the Senior Resource Directory to see legal services in your area.  

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