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Aging and High Blood Pressure

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May is National Blood Pressure Month Education Month. Did you know that having high blood pressure puts you at a higher risk of developing heart disease? Heart disease is more common than you might think. Eight million Americans live with high blood pressure (also called hypertension); 70 million Americans are living with pre-hypertension, meaning that their blood pressure is higher than is considered healthy, but not to the point that they can be diagnosed with hypertension-yet. While the chances of developing high blood pressure increase with age, high blood pressure is NOT a normal part of aging. Today on the blog we’ll explore risk factors for high blood pressure, what we can do to prevent developing high blood pressure, and steps you can take to live a healthy life with high blood pressure. 


Risk Factors 


Preventing High Blood Pressure 


Staying Healthy with High Blood Pressure 


Tips for Caregivers 

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