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Little Things Mental Health Campaign 


January is when the Little Things Mental Health Campaign is observed. This campaign, started by the H.S.E.’s National Office for Suicide Prevention, encourages us to pause, take stock of our mental health, and explore small changes we can make to improve our mental wellness. The campaign empowers people to be proactive in their mental health care and in taking care of themselves.  

How can I focus on mental health this month? 

  • Think about your life- are there things you’d like to change? 
  • Check in with a trusted friend or family member if you need to talk 
  • Check in with those close to you  
  • Plan something to look forward to, like a casual dinner with friends or a movie date (January can feel pretty isolating due to the cold and lack of holidays!) 

We’ve talked a lot about mental health on the blog. Below is a roundup of some of our mental health posts: 

Visit the Senior Resource Connect Online Senior Resource Directory to find mental health resources in your community.  

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